About Us

About the School

Mayfield School is a contributing primary school for New Entrant to Year 6 students. The school's roll currently sits at 125 students, and we are proud of the wide cultural diversity of our school community.

Mayfield School has six classrooms (Nikau, Manuka, Kowhai, Rata, Totara and Pohutukawa), a library, a hall and a fantastic spacious outdoor environment (including playgrounds, fields, courts and a bike track).

The Teaching Staff

David Nott - Principal

Robyn Anderson(NE to Year 1)

Harriet Mackle (Year 2, 3 and 4)

Jackie Mealings (Year 2, 3 and 4

Renee Gill (Year 5 and 6)

Kirstie Stone  - Deputy Principal (Year 5 and 6)

Support Staff

Kelly Mullany - Administrator

Amy Huntley - Teacher aide

Helen Pezzack - Teacher aide

Jess Craddock - Teacher Aide

Scott Radodanovich - Teacher Adie

Sarah Coffing - Family Support Worker

Bernie Koroheke - Cleaner

Jim Chapman - Caretaker

Board of Trustees

Natasha Tucker

Neli Rowe

Marieta Blasco

Amiee Moore

History of Mayfield School

Mayfield School was established in 1955, to accomodate the rapid population growth and housing expansion that post-war Blenheim was experiencing at the time. The school gets its name Mayfield from the surrounding area, which was once the site of market gardens and farm fields.  Located at the northern end of Blenheim township (close to Lansdowne Park sports field) and with spacious grounds, the school still retains some of the feel of its original rural setting. 

When you enter Mayfield School, you pass through the waharoa (built in 2003). The waharoa is both the symbolic and physical gateway to the school. The figure head on the top (former principal Bill Chapman), the carvings and the inscriptions of the waharoa remind us of the history of the school, the strong connection the school has with tangata whenua and that we are entering a place of learning.

Where Mayfield School is Located